Footprint Project

Project Category:  Engagement

The Footprint Project is intended to decrease automobile drop-offs in the school zone. This is done by working with the school community to re-envision the school zone as a ‘Student Safety Zone’.

The Footprint Project is centred around an event day where students activate their Student Safety Zone and routes to school with sidewalk chalk. This event brings attention to the importance of safe school arrival practices. Students are involved in planning and promotion of the event.

Prior to the event, families are asked to identify dropoff locations that are outside of the school zone. Then, information about the event and alternative dropoff locations are distributed to the school community.

Following the event, school administrators are provided with messaging to families about how to support safe arrival/dismissal in the Student Safety Zone.

Schools that have participated in the Footprint Project have observed a decrease in automobile dropoffs.

Example parent communication: