St. Michael CES

Welcome to St. Michael CES! This is your home for everything related to walking/wheeling to school. Click the school on the map for more information! For help using the map, check out the ‘map instructions’ and ‘map legend’ located below the map.

St. Michael has an active school community – nearly 70% of students who don’t get the bus, use active transportation on a regular basis. Our neighbourhood is home to two elementary schools, so in the morning and afternoon, there are many people using the sidewalks, crosswalks, and paths to get to their destinations

135 Hester Street
Hamilton, ON   L9A 2N9
  Morning Bell: 8:40 am
  Afternoon Bell: 3:00 pm
Student Street View

Survey Results


Here's what's happening at St. Michael CES

In April, St. Michael CES students took part in the “Footprint Project”. The Footprint Project is an event to raise awareness of the different ways that we can support safe arrival and dismissal. Students participated by drawing meaningful pictures and messages about walking to school with sidewalk chalk in our Student Zone.

The St. Michael CES parent community has participated in a survey to highlight ways that families can support safe school arrival and dismissal. This included identifying locations where children can be safely and conveniently dropped off. They said:

  • Deschene Ave. – 3 minute walk
  • Manning Ave. – 5 minute walk
  • Washington St. – 7 minute walk

Click the school on the map and zoom in to see the locations!

Information about the Footprint Project was sent to families, click here to see it:

Survey Infographic

Results based on 91 responses received between October and November 2020

Routes Map