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Being prepared to learn new things, forming meaningful relationships with others, dealing with the stresses and challenges of life. These skills are influenced by our cognitive, mental, physical, and social health. Physical activity enhances these aspects of health, which nearly every child has the opportunity to do by walking or biking as part of their daily journey to school.

Our Aspiration:

That 100% of students use active transportation (walk, bike, wheelchair, etc.) as part of their daily journey to school.

Healthy Kids

Physical activity has a powerful impact on a child’s health and development. Physical activity before school can improve concentration in the classroom and socialization with peers. Reaching the recommended 60 minutes per day of physical activity is connected to improved confidence, self-esteem, and healthy brain development.

Healthy Community

Safe, convenient, and desirable walking and cycling routes to school enhances the safety, connectivity, and quality of life for the community as a whole. As a result, children can experience independence at a young age.

Healthy Environment

Kids can do their part in the fight against climate change. Every time they walk or wheel to school, they are limiting emissions from automobiles, which directly impact the Earth’s climate.

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