St. Ann (Hamilton)

In the fall of 2020, the community at St. Ann participated in a survey to help us understand how students are traveling to and from school, and the barriers they are facing along the way. School staff have been walking around the neighbourhood before the morning bell to make sure that kids are getting to school safely.

We have partnered with Beautiful Alleys to revitalize the alley between Sherman and Birch, just north of Cannon. Click on St. Ann’s school icon on the map to see which alley we are referring to. It will appear in green. This alley will become one of the DSR’s first Student Streets.

On September 18, members of the school community participated in Beautiful Alleys’ fall 2021 cleanup day! Together we cleared 15 bags of garbage from the alley between Birch and Sherman, closest to Cannon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

15 St. Ann Street
Hamilton, ON

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Transportation Profile

St. Ann (Hamilton) is a Catholic Elementary School located in the Stipley neighbourhood in Hamilton’s ward 3. According to data from the HWCDSB, there are roughly 330 students in grades JK-8 who go to St. Ann (Hamilton). 81% are within walking distance, and 19% are bussed to school; however, due to many different reasons, some students are driven to school in private vehicles. This is the case in every school across the City.

Our latest data based on 62 responses received in fall 2020 suggests that 27% are driven to school, 10% take the school bus, and 55% use active transportation (walking/wheeling). This data may be affected by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.

School begins at 8:45 and students are dismissed at 3:05.

Survey Results


Survey Infographic

Top Reasons Given for Not Walking

Top Changes Required to Encourage Walking

Results based on 62 responses received between October and November 2020