Earl Kitchener Elementary School

Welcome to the Earl Kitchener DSR information page! This is your home for everything related to walking/wheeling to school. Click the school at the centre of the map for more information! For help using the map, check out the ‘map instructions’ and ‘map legend’ located below the map.

Our aspiration is that 100% of students who live within 1.6km will walk or wheel to school on a daily basis. When we surveyed the community, we learned that 91% of respondents live within 1.6km from school, and 88% use active transportation regularly. These are great numbers! We would like to see this number go from 88% to 91%.

300 Dundurn St. S
Hamilton, ON   L8P 4L3
  Morning Bell: 8:50 am
  Afternoon Bell: 3:10 pm
Student Street View

Survey Results


Here's what's happening at Earl Kitchener Elementary School

In October and November 2022, members of the Earl Kitchener school community participated in a survey to identify how students are getting to school, the routes they take, and the barriers they face along the way. Below are the results of the survey which include:

  • Footprint map: This map shows all of the routes that were submitted in the survey
  • Infographic: The infographic is a summary of responses from the community. Percentages shown indicate proportion of respondents.

Data and analysis from the initial survey will be included in the DSR’s report of Ward 1. This will be completed in spring 2023 and any updates will be posted here.

Next steps will be based on action planning with the school community. Stay tuned for more details!

Survey Infographic

Results based on 113 responses received between November and December 2022

Routes Map