To provide an active transportation system for kids, by kids, that enables them to get to and from school safely regardless of age, ability, or personal circumstance.


Our vision is comprised of two parts:

  • 100% of students who live close enough will use active transportation (walk, bike, wheelchair, etc.) to get to and from school daily.
  • Schools become ‘active transportation hubs’: a zone of 2km radius around a school that is safe enough for 100% of kids to safely walk or wheel to/from school.


Student Leadership: Students possess a unique insight into their communities, and we depend on their leadership to develop the DSR.

Safety: The health and safety of students and their families is our first consideration in everything we do.

Equity: Every child is unique and comes from a unique circumstance. We endeavor to ensure that the DSR is accessible to all.

Innovation: We are committed to our vision, and to do so we must challenge the status quo in order to improve the active transportation environment for the folks we work with.

Teamwork and collaboration: Core to the best outcomes to complex problems are teamwork and collaboration. We are committed to working closely with stakeholders in a team setting in order to reach our goals.

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Our Story

The DSR is an organization built upon the experiences of Bike for Mike. Bike for Mike is a not-for-profit organization that has been operating in Hamilton, Ontario since 2010 to empower youth by showing them the joy of riding a bicycle. We have supplied over 2500 bicycles to at-risk youth through our Mike’s Bikes program; a program run at equal opportunity schools in Hamilton. While the roots of Bike for Mike are in cycling, we’ve combined this with broader movement initiatives; cycling, walking, scootering, and any other human powered form of getting around – with the intent of reaching all and aspiring to 100% of youth using active transportation to and from school each day. To help us reach this goal, we partnered with our friends at Civicplan, who possess valuable tools and expertise that have enabled the project to become what it is today.