Regina Mundi

This past fall, Regina Mundi students and their families participated in the School Walk survey (see results below), to help us understand how they get to school, and the barriers they face along the way.

Informed by the results of the survey, we’ll be working with Regina Mundi on two main projects this spring:

  • Addressing the issues at the intersection of Mohawk Road West and Upper Paradise Road
  • Designating routes to school

On May 7, 2021, Regina Mundi held their first Active Transportation Sub-Committee meeting. At this meeting, attendees discussed the intersection of Mohawk Road West and Upper Paradise Road, focusing on the concerns mentioned in the School Walk survey. The committee identified specific interventions to overcome the concerns related to safety at this intersection. Regina Mundi is in the process of engaging students and other community members about this issue. The results of these engagements will be used in conjunction with School Walk data to effect change at the decision making level.

In June 2021, the school community participated in a survey to identify routes to school that will eventually become “Student Streets”. We will start by placing wayfinding signage along these routes. There were an impressive 98 families who provided input through this survey. Click the school icon on the map to see the routes!

675 Mohawk Road West
Hamilton, ON
L9C 1X7

Routes Map

Transportation Profile

Regina Mundi is a Catholic Elementary School in located in the Fessenden neighbourhood in Hamilton’s ward 14. According to data from the HWCDSB, there are roughly 230 students who go to Regina Mundi from grades JK-8. 80% are within walking distance, and 20% are bussed to school; however, due to many different reasons, some students are driven to school in private vehicles. This is the case in every school across the City.

Our latest data based on 97 responses received in fall 2020 suggests that 47% are driven to school, 1% take the school bus, and 52% use active transportation (walking/wheeling). This data may be affected by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.

School begins at 8:35 and students are dismissed at 2:55.

Survey Results


Survey Infographic

Top Reasons Given for Not Walking

Top Changes Required to Encourage Walking

Results based on 97 responses received between October and November 2020.