Project Category:  Student Streets

Our streets have lots of signs. Most of these signs tell vehicles like cars, trucks, or busses where to go or what they are supposed to do. We noticed that there aren’t any signs for kids, even though kids travel to and from school every day. We’re going change this by installing kid-specific signs to help them get to school. You’ll notice that these signs communicate to kids, rather than adults in cars. This is because to the DSR, kids are ‘vehicles’ in their own transportation system.

Wayfinding is an important part of designating Student Streets. This helps to:

  1. Increase the visibility of students by encouraging them to walk on the same route.
  2. Identify the common routes to new walkers/wheelers and how long it will take to get to school on them.
  3. ‘Legitimize’ students as active travelers.
  4. Enhance the community’s awareness of students in the neighbourhood.