Walk & Roll Wednesdays

Project Category:  Encouragement

What are Walk & Roll Wednesdays?

Like the name suggests, Walk & Roll Wednesday is a designated day (a Wednesday) to encourage active school travel. Usually, Walk & Roll Wednesdays are promoted over the course of a month or school year.

Why Walk & Roll Wednesday?

The purpose of Walk & Roll Wednesday is to create a supportive environment for students to try active transportation for the first time, and to celebrate those who are already doing it!

The DSR’s Walk & Roll Wednesdays

This year, the DSR will be promoting Walk & Roll Wednesdays in schools in October 2022 and May 2023. Check out your school page to see if your school is participating!

June 2022 pilot

In June 2022, St. Matthew CES participated in Walk & Roll Wednesdays for all 4 Wednesdays of the month. On these days, the school saw an increase in active transportation from 47% to 70%. Of these, 13% were new active travelers.