Healthy Schools Certification (HSC)

Healthy Schools Certification (HSC) is a national program in partnership with Ophea, PHE cCanada, and Ever Active Schools. HSC is based on a 4-Step process that supports school communities to take a planned and comprehensive approach to address health topics over the course of a school year. By completing the 4-step process throughout the school year, registered schools earn points and can apply to be certified as a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Healthy School. Certification is flexible and adaptable for all school communities; it’s based on a school’s ability to follow and complete the process and not on the type or number of activities completed.

When registering, a school selects a health topic to focus on throughout the year. Physical activity and mental health are both topics that schools can select to become certified as a Healthy School. Getting to school actively has a positive impact on the physical and mental health of children, so promoting active transportation can be a great component of your plan. The Daily School Route is a community partner that can help schools reach this goal. By working with our team to create a ‘school page’ on this website, and engaging in other active transportation projects, your school will earn points towards certification.

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